Homeboyz Radio and its parent company Radio Africa group has terminated the services of Shaffie Weru, Neville Muasya and Joseph Munoru aka DJ Joe Mfalme following public outcry over gender insensitive remarks on the radio station.

The three were accused of shaming a victim of sexual violence during the Lift Off morning show on Homeboyz radio. The girl is said to have been thrown from the 12th floor by a man she met on Facebook after denying him sex.

The girl, whose name is Eunice, became crippled by the tragic incident. Dj Joe Mfalme, Shaffie and Neville made this incident their topic of discussion; little did they know this was going to screw them. They termed Kenyan ladies as being ‘too available’ and lose for strangers.

In a statement to media houses Radio Africa has confirmed the termination of the trio over gross misconduct that lead to some of the big advertisers like EBL withdrawing their adverts from the media house.

“Homeboyz Radio and its parent company, Radio Africa has terminated the services of Shaffie Weru, Joseph Munoru and Neville Muasya” a statement from the radio station reads.

“The termination follows a comprehensive review of the comments made on the station on Thursday morning and their subsequent suspension from employment. Our partners and listeners will not be surprised by the termination as it is the right thing to do.” The statement read.

“The comments of said employees were neither authorized, approved nor cleared with the company nor was the subject discussed and or authorized by the company’s senior leadership. We are deeply disappointed in their conduct.”

“We have determined that their conduct constitutes gross misconduct and an egregious breach of the company’s editorial policies. The company and its subsidiaries do not condone gender-based violence or any form of physical, verbal and emotional abuse nor does it subscribe to the view shared by the three employees.” The statement further reads.

On Saturday, EABL issued a statement suspending advertising with Radio Africa, citing the presenters’ comments as unacceptable.

“Consequently, beginning Thursday 26th March 2021, EABL paused all advertising on the Radio Africa Group programmes related with these presenters” EABL said in the statement.

“As a precondition to revert to our advertising partnership, we have asked Radio Africa Group to conduct due diligence in the selection of presenters and embed a robust consequence management plan on those that do not abide by the code of conduct.” EABL said.

Homeboyz Radio has said in their statement that it is committed to sensitizing its staff on the code of ethics and conducting training.

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