• The Pharmacy and Poisons board have closed down more than ninety pharmacies
  • The pharmacies are said to have flouted regulations.
  • The exercise started on 22nd February in Machakos county
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The Pharmacy and Poisons board have closed down more than ninety pharmacies which are suspected to have been operating illegally in the lower Eastern region.

The board carried out a crackdown in the region in conjunction with the Kenya Police Service in an exercise that started on February 22.

The exercise which is still ongoing has so far been conducted in Kitui, Makueni and Machakos counties with an aim of weeding out illegal pharmacies.

The crackdown targeted pharmacy outlets that had been identified during the routine inspection to have flouted regulations.

The operation which was led by the Deputy Director Inspectorate, Surveillance and Enforcement at the PPB Dr  Dominic Kariuki also saw 61 people arrested and taken to court while 85 cartons of assorted medicines were seized and are under the custody of PPB.

“The seized medicines will be analyzed and disposed as per PPB guidelines on disposal of pharmaceutical waste,” Dr Kariuki noted.

“The list of closed premises has been shared with county administration and Kenya Police Service for enforcement of closure,” he added.

Those who were arraigned were charged with being in possession of part 1 poisons while not being an authorized seller of poisons contrary to section 26(1)(b) of the pharmacy and poisons act cap 244 of the laws of Kenya.

They were also charged with carrying on the business of a pharmacist while not registered as a pharmacist contrary to section 19(1)(a) as read with section 19(2) of the pharmacy and poisons act Cap 244 of the laws of Kenya.

Other charges included carrying on the business of a pharmaceutical technologist in premises not registered by PPB contrary to section 23(1A) as read with section 23(6) of the pharmacy and poisons act Cap244 of the laws of Kenya.

Similarly, others were charged with operating the business of a pharmacist without the presence of a registered pharmacist in the premises where such business is being carried out Contrary to section 20(1B) as read with section 20(2) of pharmacy and poisons act cap 244 of the laws of Kenya.

Those who pleaded guilty were fined up to Sh240,000 or imprisonment of up to 18 months.

“I wish to thank the Kenya Police Service and the Judiciary for their cooperation during this crackdown. However, the board wishes to request the courts to enhance fines for those found guilty, in line with the fines in the amended Cap 244, to act as a deterrent,” the medic said.

During the crackdown, PPB officials obtained invoices, receipts and other documents from the illegal premises that will help in the identification of the licensed wholesalers of pharmaceuticals who are supplying the illegal premises. The owners of those wholesalers will be prosecuted and their licenses revoked.”

The inspectors have also raised alarm over what they termed as a trend where licensed pharmacy outlets are left to be manned by unqualified persons, adding that such absentee superintendents have been summoned for disciplinary action as per Cap 244 of the laws of Kenya.

The board has called on both public and private healthcare facilities and those who handle pharmaceuticals to apply online for safe disposal of any pharmaceutical waste that they may have or get in touch with PPB regional officers.

Meanwhile, Kariuki has urged on members of the public to use health safety codes displayed in registered pharmacy outlets to verify legality of the premises by sending an SMS free of charge to 21031.

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