Kenya has several gazetted Parastatals which assist in the daily management of government activities. Some of these Parastatals have been officially gazetted and endorsed by the President.

  1. National Security & Intelligent Service
  2. Kenya Airports Authority
  3. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
  4. Central Bank of Kenya
  5. Nairobi Securities Exchange
  6. KenGen
  7. Kenya Power
  8. Communication Authority of Kenya.
  9. Kenya Pipeline
  10. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  11. Geothermal Development Company.
  12.  Kenya leather development council board.
  13.  Kenya electricity transmission company (KETRACO).
  14. Kenya pipeline company (KPL).
  15. New Kenya co-operative creameries.
  16. National cereals and produce board.
  17. Kenya meat commission.
  18. Anti-female genital mutilation board.
  19.  National bureau of statistics.
  20. Consolidated bank board of directors.
  21. National hospital insurance fund board.
  22. National drought management authority.
  23. Kenya medical training college board.
  24. Kerio valley development authority.
  25. Water resource management authority.
  26. Lake Basin development authority
  27. National water conservation and Pipeline Corporation.
  28. Tana and Athi rivers development authority.
  29. Kenya marine authority.
  30. LAPSSET corridor development authority.
  31. Kenya broadcast corporation.
  32. Postal Corporation of Kenya.
  33. Kenya information and communication board of directors.
  34. National sports fund board of trustees
  35.  Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
  36. Kenya Accreditation Service
  37. Nzoia Sugar Company Limited
  38. Geothermal Development Company
  39. Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board
  40. Anti-Counterfeit Agency Board
  41. Kenya Trade Network Agency Board
  42. Policy Holders Compensation Fund
  43. . Capital Markets Authority
  44.  National Council for Children Services
  45. Privatization Commission
  46. Kenya International Convention Centre Board
  47. Coast Development Authority
  48. Agricultural Development Corporation
  49. Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute
  50. National Cereals and Produce Board
  51. National Campaign against Drug Abuse Authority Board
  52. Kenya Trade Networks Agency Board
  53. Industrial Development Bank
  54. Anti-Money Laundering Advisory Board
  55. National Housing Corporation Board
  56. Retirement Benefits Authority
  57.  Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation
  58.  National Standards Council
  59. National Council for Population and Development
  60. National Drought Management Authority
  61. Women Enterprise Fund Advisory Board
  62.  Uwezo Fund
  63. National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities
  64. National Irrigation Board
  65. Rural Electrification Authority
  66. National Environment Trust Fund
  67. Lake Victoria North Water Services Board
  68. Water Services Regulatory Board
  69. Water Services Trust Fund
  70. Water Services Trust Fund
  71. Kenya Forests Service
  72. Kenya Forestry Research Institute
  73. National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation
  74. National Environmental Management Authority
  75. Kenya copy right board
  76. National transport and safety authority
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