President Uhuru Kenyatta has dared Deputy President William Ruto to leave the government if he is dissatisfied with it. The President made the remarks in Uthiru, Kiambu County, where he commissioned a healthcare center.

Without naming names but leaving no doubt about the target of his remarks, he said Ruto criticises the government with one side of his mouth and takes credit for state projects with the other.

“If you are praising it [government] stay in, if you are dissatisfied, get out,” Uhuru said.

The President told his deputy to pick a side as there is only one government that is either failing or succeeding.

Hustler-Dynasty dichotomy

The tough-talking Uhuru said he was unhappy with leaders who incited Kenyans to turn against each other, this being an indirect reference to the Hustler-Dynasty dichotomy that is seen as being articulated to pit the poor against the rich and therefore create something of a class struggle.

Uhuru called on leaders to work together to eradicate poverty among Kenyans. Uhuru said a leader’s strength should not lie within their ability to cause division.

Development agender

He called on those against his government to work with him to spur development. “If you want to work with us, we have no problem … if you want to spur Kenya’s growth, we have no problem.”

Uhuru’s frontal tackle on his deputy comes in the wake of a near-irreparable split in the ruling Jubilee Party. 

The President has been accusing Ruto of making forays into his Central Kenya “bedroom” [political speak for backyard] through the backdoor”, this being an allusion to Ruto’s constant political tours in the Mt Kenya region where the Number Two man in the government has a sizable following by MPs.

Initially, the President’s approach was to address delegates at the Sagana State Lodge but now it seems, gloves off,  his counterstrike will be in the form of ground offensives where his deputy has been making inroads.

Why Uhuru supports BBI ?

Uhuru told the crowd to support the BBI because it will change their lives by ensuring equality and equal opportunities to all Kenyans.

He said BBI would cure the problem where some areas with high population were disadvantaged when it came to issues such as recruitment into the police service and the military.

“You find that an area that has a population of 10,000 has to compete for the same resources with another area that has about 500,000 people. Is this fair?’ the president posed.

He also asked the people to be wary of those giving them promises which they know they couldn’t deliver.

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